Monday, 9 May 2011

Team Herding Cats is here

Welcome to the official blog of Team 'Herding Cats' - the two-man Mongol Rally team that will set new records for incompetence, ham-fistedness and cluelessness.

But wait, I hear you asking, what's this all about?

Well, in essence, Gary and Dave - Team Herding Cats, will be driving from the UK to Mongolia at the end of July in a car of 1.2 litres engine size or less, raising money for charity and hopefully having adventures along the way.

The rally is organised by these people:
The charity is these people:
And you can sponsor us here:

This blog will (hopefully) contain regular updates of our progress across Europe and Asia as we head from England to Czechoslovakia, through eastern Europe to Russia (with a detour to Moscow) and then right across Kazakhstan, cutting back into Russia to cross the border into Mongolia and up to Ulan Bator where the finish line is.

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