Monday, 22 August 2011

Ulaan Baatar!

Hello everyone,

We've arrived in Ulaan Baatar! A week of wandering in the wilderness through Mongolia has finally brought us to our destination, in fine health (and with a fully intact Catmobile, too).

Mongolia is a truly stunning country, with some of the most awful roads ever created by people. Unsurprisingly we got lost more than once, including a four-hour jaunt up a mountain through a field of rocks to a sand trap, where we got stuck and eventually had to turn around. Needless to say tempers were a little frayed, but we got through it (with some help from The Gobi Express, a team of two lovely Danes).

We had to be towed across one river, and forded several more without help (sometimes twice when we went the wrong way), got stuck in sand and mud, and ate cheese that came from an old man's sleeve.

The Catmobile is covered in a thick layer of dust inside and out, and I'm sure I'll never be completely clean again, but the feeling of satisfaction is palpable. We handed it over to The Adventurists this morning and there was already a swarm of locals looking it over, wanting to buy it. Understandable, really - it is a very desirable car, and we'll miss it.

We'll be back in England when we can, but for now, to all our loved ones: we love you; to all our friends: we miss you; and to everyone else: hi.


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