Monday, 11 July 2011

The Catmobile nears readiness...

This weekend marked the last face-to-face meeting of team Herding Cats until two days before we leave so much had to be accomplished.

Despite not being able to source an extra spare wheel (165/60 R14 in case anyone has one lying about in their garage) we got everything else done, including decorating the Catmobile:

The sponsor stickers - the official rally stickers should arrive this week.

The Catmobile logo - an important design feature for the trusty steed of any superhero team.

...and on the back, a tribute to the generous denizens of, who got us to our charity sponsorship target.

We also bought all the spares and tools we'll need to keep the Catmobile running on road, track, desert and mountain.

The equipment we'll be taking - three jacks, a lot of oil and innumerable tools.

Dave manfully wrestles with recalcitrant sparkplugs.

And then, of course, we posed for our admiring fans, and a quick word from our sponsors:

Home Leisure Direct - we're the UK's No.1 Gamesroom Specialist

Cinesite - we take filmmakers' ideas and turn them into spectacular cinematic reality.

Team Herding Cats - we probably won't die.

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