Thursday, 28 July 2011

Goodwood to Poland

Hello everyone, Gary here. As we're staying in Warsaw tonight I thought I'd take the opportunity to post some of our pics so far...

Boarding the ferry with fellow Rallyers

Bye-bye Blighty

Luxembourg, like a normal city but with a great big chasm in the middle.

Random German Schloss

Leaving Germany - we got ourselves a convoy.

Over the border into the Czech Republic

Dave cruises into Klenova, leading the convoy home

The Czechout party campsite

Waking up hungover, but my gosh that view...

A ruined manor on the Czech/Polish border.

Right, more photo updates from Moscow in a few days (hopefully).


1 comment:

  1. Guys,

    You are hero's and fools. Your brave efforts are an inspiration to both me and my fleet of Children who eagerly read your updates by candle light each night. However, I have to keep them reminded of the impending calamity that awaits you. As everyone knows, beyond the borders of Europia there is nothing more that a flimsy decorative cardboard wall masking the drop off the edge of the world in to nothingness.

    I admire your courage and steadfast refusal to accept physical reality.

    Onwards to density!